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Improved Thinking Skills Through Educational Books

SPARKS from Creative Genius Publications helps your child learn all about the thinking skills used by creative geniuses throughout history. They also provide a place for kids to practice, right on the pages of our activity books. "SPARKS" are prompts designed to kick start creativity and leave the options open to the child.

SPARKS Ignite Imagination

SPARKS Ignite Imagination

SPARKS was created by our founder, Nancy Illing. It's a high-quality, full-color educational book in full color. Each book has 64 pages packed full of information, inspiration, and resources to develop creativity. At just $14, these books are a steal!

Nurture the creative genius in the people you love with this delightful, informative, activity book. Discover the thinking tools used by the great composers, writers, and inventers of history. Practice and apply them on the SPARKS pages. SPARKS are small ideas, pictures, or words with plenty of room on the page for the imagination to roam. It's a sketchbook. It's a journal. It's a tool for the creative genius in all of us.


Inspired by Experience

After 45 years of learning and 25 years teaching, Nancy Illing is passionate about learning. From helping infants learn to crawl through teaching adults to swim, Nancy has done it all. She has worked with gifted and talented students as well as students with disabilities. Nancy has found that the spark of genius is available to everyone at every level. Creating classes and developing learning opportunities through park districts, parent organizations, scouts, public and private agencies, Nancy has brought art, science, literature, creative writing, history, dance, and music to life. Most importantly, Nancy has always believed that learning is fun.

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